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Since 2000, our company has been providing a comprehensive solution for flow measurement and control.
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Expert Manufacturer of Pressure and Temperature Gauges
With over two decades of manufacturing expertise, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your pressure and temperature gauge needs.
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Flow Measurement & Control - Streamline Your Workflow
Delivery within 7 business days.
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Top Flowmeter Manufacturer in China - Professional Quality Products

Experience professionals in Flowmeter manufacturing.

Certified with ATEX, ISO, SIL2, Rohs, CE, and CNEX.

Professional tracking, testing, and calibration factory certificates.

Quick delivery of standard products in 7 days.

Customized OEM Services with Small Order Support

Professional Flowmeter Supplier

For Your Business and Manufacturing Needs

With over 20 years of experience, SourcifyChina is a leading Flowmeter manufacturer and factory in China. Our comprehensive range of flow measurement and control solutions can meet all your requirements. We offer a variety of flow meters, including electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, thermal mass gas flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, and more, which are exported to over 100 countries. Our flowmeters are certified with ATEX, CE, SIL2, Rohs, CNEX, and so on. With 15 years of exporting experience, we are committed to providing a professional solution for flow meter and valve. We invite you to visit our factory and send us an inquiry.

Expert Flowmeter Manufacturer for Your Project and Factory

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The Electromagnetic flowmeter is extensively utilized for conductive liquids. Its notable advantage lies in its simple structure without any throttling part, resulting in no pressure loss or fluid blockage. It possesses excellent accuracy, which is not affected by any physical parameters of the liquid, including temperature, viscosity, and pressure. It can also be used with corrosive liquids; various liner options include PTFE or rubber, and HC, HB, 316L, TI materials for electrode are available to meet specific requirements.

Vortex Flow Meter

A smart steam vortex flowmeter is extensively utilized for measuring the flow of various kinds of industrial pipeline fluids, which includes gas, liquid, and steam. With minimal pressure loss, it has a broad span range and renders high accuracy. Furthermore, it is unaffected by density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity when measuring volumetric flow. It has a simple structure without movable mechanical parts and comprises a built-in temperature and pressure sensor, which allows it to determine the mass flowmeters of steam or gas.

Variable Flowmeter for Flow Measurement

The variable area flowmeter is a precise measuring device that is commonly utilized for process control in industrial automation. Its compact design allows for a broad range of measurements, making it convenient to use. This flowmeter can accurately measure liquid, gas, and vapor flow, making it especially suitable for low flow velocity and small flow rate applications.

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval gear flow meters are a type of positive displacement meter that provides accurate and reliable measurement of both continuous and intermittent liquid flow in pipes. They offer a wide flow range, minimal pressure loss, and can handle highly viscous fluids and high temperatures, making them ideal for use in diverse industries such as petroleum, chemical, food, medical and sanitary fields, and more. With easy installation and calibration, these flow meters deliver high precision and dependable results.

Coriolis Flow Meter for Accurate Fluid Measurement

The SourcifyChina Coriolis mass flowmeter provides superior measurement performance for mass flow, density, and temperature of liquids, gases, steam, and more. In addition, it offers real-time calculations for volume flow, total flow, and fluid composition with unparalleled accuracy. Its durable design has no moving parts, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance for professional use.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Gas Applications

SourcifyChina Thermal Mass Flow Meter is a type of flowmeter that employs the principles of heat transfer and exchange between the fluid and heat source to precisely measure the gas mass flow. The meter utilizes the heat dissipation effect for direct measurement of gas mass flow, offering the benefits of minimal pressure loss, diverse measurement range, high precision, repeatability, and no mechanical parts, among others.

Professional Flow Monitoring Solutions for Your Industrial and Manufacturing Needs

Whether you require a Flowmeter for your projects, SourcifyChina can effectively fulfill your diverse needs. As an esteemed Flowmeter manufacturer in China, SourcifyChina’s Flowmeter exemplifies exceptional quality. Our factory meticulously tests and calibrates each product, providing tracking certificates for validation.

As the leading Flowmeter manufacturer, SourcifyChina has the capability to meet any specific requirement. We are capable of customization, such as flowmeter body color and process connection, based on your process condition specifications. Simply confirm your detailed needs and we will advise a suitable flowmeter, providing model selection based on your requirements.

We cordially invite you to send us an inquiry about Flowmeter.

Selecting SourcifyChina Flowmeter: A Professional Choice

With over two decades of experience in manufacturing flowmeters, we have established ourselves as industry professionals.

With over 20 years of experience in Flowmeter and 15 years in exports, SourcifyChina provides a comprehensive solution for all your Flowmeter needs. Our expertise guarantees a professional and reliable service for all your project requirements.

Certified with ATEX, ISO, SIL2, Rohs, CE, and CNEX.

Our pressure transmitters are approved with ATEX certification, while the majority of our flowmeters and transmitters have the CE seal of approval. Additionally, all of our products are explosion-proof approved.

Certified with Tracking, Testing, and Calibration Factory Credentials.

Each flowmeter undergoes meticulous testing and calibration by our state-of-the-art Automatic Calibration Production Line, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

Efficient Delivery within 7 Business Days for Standard Offerings

We maintain a complete inventory of raw materials for Flow meters. For standard requirements, the production time takes only 7 working days. For customized goods, we assure timely production within 20 days.

Customized OEM Services & Small Order Support - Done Professionally

We offer comprehensive OEM services to cater to your branding needs. Furthermore, we are pleased to accept small orders for flowmeters as well.

Expert Technical Assistance for Model Selection, Debugging, and Installation.

We offer technical support for model selection prior to sales, as well as debugging and installation assistance after sales, as the premier manufacturer of Flowmeters.

SourcifyChina Flowmeter and Valve: An Overview of Users

Flow Control Trading Co.

If you operate a flowmeter trading company and possess a team of technical engineers for local market installation and aftersales service, SourcifyChina serves as the exemplary flowmeter manufacturer for your needs. Apply to become an authorized seller of our brand and receive comprehensive support, ranging from technical training to promotional materials. At SourcifyChina, we are fully committed to assisting our global agents.

Flowmeter Project for Industrial Plant

For efficient measurement and control of the flowing fluid in your project plant, whether it be a refinery, chemical plant, water treatment, oil, or gas plant, rely on the expertise of SourcifyChina. Simply provide us with your detailed flowmeter or process parameter requirements, and we will recommend a suitable flowmeter and handle the model selection professionally.

Flowmeter Engineering Group - Trusted Brands in Precision Measurement

If your engineering company specializes in valves and pipe fittings, and you're looking to expand your business to include flow meters, SourcifyChina is the ideal OEM flowmeter manufacturer. Our team can create customized meters in your preferred brand and color.

Professional Flowmeter Testing Equipment

Comparison of Standard Flowmeters for Professional Use

Flowmeter Calibration System for Accurate Measurements

Standard Flowmeter Assembly Line

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For valves, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one piece. For most process instruments such as flow meters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, and temperature transmitters, the MOQ is also one piece. However, there is an MOQ of five pieces for pressure gauges and temperature gauges.

SourcifyChina Group Co., Ltd was established in 2000, specializing in instrumentation and valve production. We are the leading manufacturer of water, steam, oil, and gas flow meters, as well as control valves. Our products are CE, SIL2, and Rohs approved. Count on SourcifyChina as your trusted partner for instrumentation and valve needs.

For payments under 1000 USD, a 100% advance payment is required. For payments over 10000 USD, a 30% deposit via T/T is required, with the remaining 70% to be paid prior to shipment. We provide images and videos showcasing our Valve Automation and Process Instruments manufacturing and packaging.

SourcifyChina provides the following flow meters:
1. Water flow meter
2. Steam flow meter
3. Oil flow meter
4. Gas flow meter.

1. Our valve automation solution for pipelines includes a wide range of control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and shut-off valves, among others.
2. Our pressure measurement solution features advanced technology, such as pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, and pressure gauges.
3. Our one-stop solution for pressure transmitters includes all necessary components, such as sensors, housings, clamp flanges, electric boards, and calibration.
4. Our level measurement solution for tank systems offers reliable and accurate measurement, with options for radar level transmitters, magnetic level gauges, tape float level gauges, and level switches.
5. Our temperature measurement solution includes precise temperature gauges, RTD’s, and thermocouples.
6. Our secondary meter solution features state-of-the-art display meters, paperless recorders, and flow totalizers.

Our warranty period is 12 months from the date of leaving the factory. In case of large-scale projects, the warranty can be extended to 18 months.

For all exported goods, such as flow meters and control valves, they are our mature and advantageous products. At SourcifyChina, we prioritize testing our products in the domestic market first and actively participate in bidding for various projects in the differential industry. We carefully select models based on their stable and reliable quality for the global market.

Even with good product quality, improper model selection can result in installation issues. At SourcifyChina, we meticulously select models, such as electromagnetic flowmeter models, by confirming specific technical parameters. These include medium content, pipe size, flow rate, working pressure, working temperature, power supply, process connection, and any other special requirements.

In the event that clients require assistance with installation or operation of our products, we provide a comprehensive manual in English and an instructional video.

If any issues arise with the flow meter or valve during extended use, and the client requires assistance in finding a solution, we request a detailed video of the exact working condition and problems. Our engineers will review the footage and provide an appropriate solution.

If the flow meter is broken during the warranty period due to quality-related issues, SourcifyChina will take full responsibility. However, if the reason for the damage is due to the client’s incorrect operation or a problem at the site, SourcifyChina will assist with a solution and may charge for any necessary replacement parts.


Electromagnetic flow meters precisely measure conductive liquids with a simple structure and high accuracy, without pressure loss or fluid blockage.



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