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Shandong Yuncheng SourcifyChina Glass Co. Ltd is a top-tier Chinese manufacturer of liquor bottles. We recognize the pivotal role that exceptional empty liquor bottle packaging plays in enhancing your brand and broadening distribution. For more than two decades, we’ve taken pride in serving multiple distilleries and assisting acclaimed spirits in dominating international markets with exquisitely crafted bottles. 

Whether you’re launching a new label or expanding an established line, we possess the expertise to metamorphose your liquid art into irresistible vessels that command customer loyalty. By employing impeccable glassmaking techniques, cutting-edge printing technologies, and rigorous quality standards, we can guarantee that our empty liquor bottles embody prestige on a massive scale.

Wholesale Empty Spirit Glass Bottles: Order Information

    • Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000 pieces
    • Custom Size Options: Ranging from 50ml to 2L
    • Custom Shapes Available: Including round, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Hock, Claret, tall, flask, square, and decanter bottles
    • Custom Colors Available: Clear, White, Blue, Green, and more
    • Custom Logo Design: Options include painting, frosting, decal, silking printing
    • Free Sample: Complimentary empty liquor bottles provided
    • Global Delivery: Within 30 days

If you’re interested in wholesale liquor bottle prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Bulk Empty Glass Bottles - 700ml

Wholesale Old Design Whisky Bottles - RE024 (500ml/700ml/750ml) for Professionals

Professional Edit: 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles for Liquor - RS001 Wholesale

RS003:250ml Glass Bottles With Cork Wholesale

Bulk 700ml Glass Bottles - Empty

Wholesale of Old Design Whisky Bottles - RE024 in 500ml/700ml/750ml sizes.

Wholesale 250ml Screw Top Glass Bottles for Liquor - RS001

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Wholesale 250ml Glass Bottles with Cork - Code RS003

All-inclusive Solution

Liquor Bottle Manufacturing Process: A Professional Guide

Designing & Manufacturing of Molds with Professionalism

Our team of industrial designers collaborates extensively with clients to meticulously create custom molds that closely align with their vision. We use state-of-the-art technology and hardened tool steel to craft 3D models that can withstand even the most intense heat and pressure.

Glass Manufacturing & Shaping

High-quality glass ingredients are accurately measured and introduced into gas-fired furnaces heated to temperatures exceeding 2650°F. The resulting liquid is clear and free from any distortions and is then precisely molded using machines.

Molded Cooling Solutions

Our team of skilled industrial designers works closely with clients to meticulously craft custom molds that precisely match their vision. The 3D models of the molds are then expertly CNC carved from hardened tool steel, ensuring they are able to withstand extreme heat and pressure.

Inspection and Quality Testing Services

Our experienced industrial designers collaborate closely with clients to create a meticulously tailored mold that aligns with their vision. Our molds are meticulously crafted using advanced 3D modeling techniques and state-of-the-art CNC carving technology, ensuring that they can withstand even the most extreme heat and pressure.

Professional Cleaning and Drying Services

Our industrial designers collaborate closely with clients to precisely create a custom mold that perfectly aligns with their vision. We use 3D modeling and CNC carving techniques to craft molds that are made from hardened tool steel designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures.

Labeling and Packaging Solutions

Our experienced industrial designers collaborate closely with our esteemed clients to create precise custom molds that align with their vision. Molds are expertly 3D modeled and CNC carved from hardened tool steel, ensuring they can withstand extreme heat and pressure.

Custom Bottle Caps Services

Experience the premium collection of bespoke liquor bottle caps available for wholesale, that exude exceptional quality and feature tailored designs to elevate your brand’s image.

Professional 3D CAD and Modeling

Experienced Liquor Bottle Manufacturer With a Dedicated Design Team.

Professional 3D Design and Modeling services.

Create detailed engineering drawings using CAD, STP, and AI modeling software, tailored precisely to clients' design specifications.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Enhance the conventional manufacturing process by leveraging the precision and tailor-made capabilities of 3D printing technology.

3D Animation Videos

Experience the lifelike realism and dynamic visuals of our bottles, created using state-of-the-art 3D rendering techniques.

Bottle Packaging and Delivery for Liquor Distribution

Packaging Solution

Standard export packaging with a cardboard partition.

Wooden Pallets

Our products are expertly packaged on industry standard export pallets for safe and efficient delivery to our customers.



We use standard export carton + pallet packing for all shipments.


Our professional packing services ensure your liquor arrives at your destination safely and securely. We use high-quality, reusable boxes for your convenience.

About Shandong Jundong Tech Info Co., Ltd

Why SourcifyChina Glass

As a top-tier liquor bottle manufacturer in China, we specialize in crafting custom spirits bottles of the highest quality. Our precision molding and shaping processes allow us to bring your unique designs to life with exacting detail.

Premium Glass Quality

Our company exclusively uses premium high flint glass material noted for its remarkable clarity and unwavering integrity, elevating the aesthetic value of your merchandise.

Extensive Mold Library

Browse through our immense catalog of existing molds or have a custom one made to your exact specifications.

Dedicated Spirits Packaging

As a professional liquor bottle manufacturer, we have the expertise and facility to produce commercial-grade bottles for your brand.

Custom Solution Development

Our customization services offer an opportunity to create bespoke bottles that meet your specific brand requirements. Our team is there with you from conceptualization to manufacturing to ensure a seamless experience.


Trusted Liquor Bottle Manufacturers: Certified for Quality & Safety

Professional Liquor Bottle Manufacturer for Your Business in China

We are a highly dedicated glass liquor bottle manufacturer committed to delivering superior-quality products. With our extensive expertise in liquor bottle manufacturing, we offer an assortment of bottle sizes, colors, and applications to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our bottles are meticulously crafted from top-grade flint glass, perfectly highlighting the beverage colors and accentuating the brand identity.

Whether you require glass spirit bottles for small or large production runs, we have the technical know-how and capability to deliver exceptional products. In addition to stock bottles, we offer completely customized bottle designs and manufacturing services, enabling liquor producers to create distinctive and unforgettable packaging for their products.

Our product range includes glass bottles for popular liquor types, such as whiskey, brandy, vodka, and baijiu. Moreover, we have extensive glassworking skills and expertise, enabling us to produce nearly any bottle configuration. From standard 750ml empty glass bottles to unique shapes and customized glass bottles, our highly professional designers can accurately bring any brand vision to life in glass.

As the foremost glass liquor bottle supplier, we ensure strict control over glass bottle quality to guarantee food-grade safety. All our production processes adhere strictly to ISO compliance and undergo rigorous quality control. We are committed to providing on-time deliveries and maintaining competitive minimum order quantities to clients worldwide.

We have an extensive customer base across major liquor-producing countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Mexico, and South Africa. Our primary clients include distilleries, wineries, import/export companies, and large liquor product distributors. We are fully dedicated to facilitating our clients’ success through innovative, top-quality glass packaging solutions.

FAQs - Professional Answers to Common Inquiries

Glass bottle pricing is a complex subject for wholesalers and distributors. Customers seek the highest quality product within their budget. Glass bottles made in China are renowned for their quality and affordability. As the largest manufacturer of glass bottles in China, SourcifyChina is dedicated to the design, production, and sale of high-quality glass bottles. For the most affordable price, SourcifyChina is the go-to choice.

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Our minimum order quantity is 1x40HQ. To load a forty HQ container, the loading volume is approximately 40,000 pcs of 375ml glass bottles, 35,000 pcs of 500ml glass bottles, or 26,000-30,000 pcs of 750ml glass bottles. Alternatively, you can load 20,000 pcs of 1000ml glass bottles. Please visit our website for more information on our 750ml glass bottles.

Currently, we typically pack bottles in three different ways:

A. Carton packing

1) Cardboard divider within the carton;
2) 24pcs / carton;
3) The carton size is according to the bottles’ size

B. Pallet packing

1) five-layer in one picket pallet;
2) Cardboard in per layer;
3) Wrapper around the pallet;
4) Pallet size: 1*1.2m

C. Carton and Pallet packing

1) Several cartons in one pallet;
2) 24pcs in per carton;
3) Pallet size: 1*1.2m

At our company, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to packing bottles. In order to ensure their safe transportation, we offer three different packing methods:

A. Carton packing

1) Our cartons are divided with sturdy cardboard interiors, ensuring that bottles are effectively protected from damage during transport.
2) Each carton contains 24 carefully packed bottles, providing maximum convenience and efficiency for our clients.
3) Our carton sizes are carefully selected to perfectly accommodate all of our bottle sizes.

B. Pallet packing

1) Our sturdy, five-layer picket pallets are designed to effectively transport large numbers of bottles safely and securely.
2) Each layer of our pallets is fitted with a protective cardboard shield to prevent damage during transport.
3) Our pallets are carefully wrapped to further secure their contents, and measure a spacious 1*1.2m in size.

C. Carton and Pallet packing

1) For maximum efficiency, we offer clients the option of packing multiple cartons on a single pallet, providing both security and convenience.
2) Each carton is meticulously packed with 24 bottles to ensure their safe transportation.
3) Our pallets are a spacious 1*1.2m in size, ensuring that they can accommodate a large number of cartons without compromising on safety or security.

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Do You Have Any Further Inquiries?

If you require further assistance beyond the answers provided in our FAQ section, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll respond promptly to your inquiry.

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About SourcifyChina-Spirit Bottle Manufacturer

SourcifyChina is one of the leading liquor bottle manufacturers in China and has specialized in bulk spirit bottle wholesale since 2009. As a dedicated producer of high-quality glass liquor bottles, we offer a wide range of products, including wholesale vodka bottles, glass bottles for liquor, custom whiskey bottle design, as well as brandy and other spirits bottles at wholesale prices.

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