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Premade Pouch Packaging Equipment

Expertly Packaged

Produces up to 80 bags/min.

Our machine for premade pouch packaging is capable of efficiently packing a wide range of products with high speed. By selecting appropriate prefabricated bags, we can significantly enhance the convenience and aesthetic appeal for the end-users.

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Automatic Vacuum Packaging System

Vacuum Packaging

Up to 80 Bags/Min

Our Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine is predicated on the design of a premade pouch packaging machine. It possesses the traits of vacuum packaging and premade pouch packaging, all while maintaining a remarkable speed.


Quad Seal Bag Packing Machine

Professional Quad Seal Packaging Bag.

Up to 40 bags per minute.

The quad seal bag packaging machine is now available and is specifically designed for efficient quad seal bag packaging. It possesses all the benefits of our rotary packaging machine and is a perfect addition to your professional arsenal.

EC-420/520/720 SERIES

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

Low Price

Up to 60 Bags/Min

The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine is a versatile packaging solution ideal for a wide range of industries. Boasting both affordability and high speed, this machine is a must-have for any professional looking to improve their packaging process.


Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machine.

Larger Block Pack

Our output capacity is up to 290 bags per minute.

The Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine is designed to efficiently package larger blocks, utilizing a Double jaw to double packaging speed. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for products with low-price strategies.


Piston Liquid Filler Machine

Easily Fill Viscous Liquids

Up to 60 Bottles/Min

The RJ-AF Automatic Liquid Piston Filling Machine is specifically engineered for filling liquids with high viscosity, including but not limited to oil, hand sanitizer, cream, sauce, honey, and ketchup. This machine is primarily utilized in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Why Choose Us

Professional Packing Machine Manufacturer

Sourcifychina Machinery, established in 2000, has a rich 22-year history of expertise in the packing machine field. As China’s largest packing machine manufacturer, our team of 600 employees includes 50 experienced R&D engineers, who are the rule-makers for automatic premade bag packaging machine national standards. Our annual production yield exceeds 2,600 sets, showcasing our commitment to achieving excellence.

We hold numerous certifications, including CE and IOS, as well as over 90 patents and our own Machine Software Copyright.

Quality Management

All optimized for the utmost success.

Our machines are designed with the utmost precision and care, utilizing only the finest components available. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the vast array of self-developed parts that guarantee the highest quality standards.

Our high-quality cams are designed in-house using premium material 20CrMnTi, ensuring exceptional accuracy with an error margin of less than 0.02cm.

A fully automatic circulating oil supply system has been designed to ensure the durability of the cam for its entire lifespan.

Our specialized indexing drives are expertly crafted with independent boxes and finished with precision CNC machining.

Professional Support Solutions

A Longer and More Comprehensive Guarantee Service For You

We provide comprehensive support services to ensure your peace of mind.

All machines undergo rigorous testing for customer suitability and full load requirements. Once fully installed, they are promptly dispatched.

Machine manuals, maintenance guides, and two sets of wearing parts are provided for replacement in a professional manner.

Our experienced engineers are readily available to efficiently troubleshoot any challenges that customers may encounter while using our machines. We offer on-site guidance and support to ensure optimal performance.

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