Sourcify Metal is a highly experienced specialist in crafting exquisite decorative stainless steel and other metal works and systems. Our items have earned global recognition, thanks to our emphasis on professionalism. Whether you require standard or custom options, we offer a wide selection of designs to accommodate various project needs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your building. Our metal works boast unique designs and captivating effects, adding unparalleled beauty to both interior and exterior spaces.



Metal wall facade cladding is an outstanding solution for enhancing architectural projects with both structural functionalities and aesthetic elements. Sourcify Metal’s facade cladding systems offer innovative and professional options for your architectural needs.



When utilizing our architectural metal roofing systems for your projects, you will experience a significant reduction in effort required to complete them. At Sourcify Metal, we are proud to offer…



We specialize in metal ceiling systems and offer unparalleled performance and stunning styles, providing a comprehensive solution with maximum flexibility.



Decorative metal screen panels offer a limitless canvas upon which to express your creativity. Our exclusive patterns and designs can be customized to meet your individual needs, providing a professional touch to any environment.



As a versatile architectural element with a distinct Middle-Eastern flair, the metal mashrabiya screen can be custom designed to perfectly complement your building’s aesthetic.



A metal pergola can effectively expand your home space into the outdoor area, providing a shaded passageway during sunny days. It’s an excellent solution if you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.



Stainless steel railing systems are essential for providing security and protection to people in a range of applications at both commercial and residential properties.



Sourcify Metal’s Stainless steel grating offers exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting use. Its remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of professional applications.

Materials, Designs & Textures

TBK offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality stainless steel and metal products that can dramatically enhance the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your building. We specialize in manufacturing aesthetically pleasing and durable metal treatments, including sheet metals such as aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, as well as stainless steel. With our expertise and marketing skills, we pride ourselves on delivering superior aesthetic appeal and longevity for your building.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal is widely utilized in various industries and applications, serving as the backbone of architectural engineering. A variety of metal sheets and products are readily available, each possessing distinctive properties such as hardness, density, ductility, and cohesion. When making your selection, it is essential to carefully consider these factors to fulfill your precise requirements.

Stainless Steel | Aluminum
Steel & Iron | Copper

Design Patterns and Styles

Metal sheets can be personalized with a wide variety of alluring designs, patterns, and shapes. Patterned metal sheets provide a multitude of benefits and options compared to plain ones. By using advanced design software such as CAD, we are able to create visually exceptional metal sheets that meet unique requirements, giving us the flexibility to produce breathtaking visual effects.

Perforated Sheet | Embossed Sheet
Laser Cut Sheet | Expanded Sheet

Professional Surface Finishing Services

After fabrication, metal sheets and products are subjected to surface treatments and finishes in order to improve durability, anti-corrosion properties, and aesthetics. These processes provide a variety of surface options to meet diverse visual and functional requirements, while also ensuring the long-lasting and enhanced appearance of the metal sheets.

Powder Coating | Brushing
Galvanizing | Anodizing

About Us

Established in 2009, Foshan Sourcify Metal Co., Ltd. is a distinguished stainless steel fabricator committed to producing and providing exceptional metal decorative materials and products. 

Our comprehensive architectural stainless steel and metal solutions cater to design firms, construction contractors, metal distributors, elevator and appliance manufacturers, and a range of other diversified industries, both domestically and internationally.

Why Choose Us

Metal Roofing Sheets

We offer complete solutions alongside top-quality materials. Drawing from our extensive experience in project design, engineering, fabrication, and installation, we are well-equipped to guide our clients through the construction process with cutting-edge designs and unparalleled functionality.

Extensive Experience

At Sourcify Metal, our global partnerships with contractors, designers, and architects provide us with invaluable industry insights. This enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions and efficient services that conquer diverse challenges in countless projects with the utmost professionalism.

Technical Support

SourcifyChina’s team of expert professionals provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including design, style and color, and installation. Our commitment to you is to ensure that you receive the highest level of assistance every step of the way.

Custom-Made Service

SourcifyChina specializes in custom metal fabrication, offering bespoke solutions that consistently surpass customer expectations. They exceed industry standards, providing exceptional value-added services that set them apart from the competition.

Custom Metal Work for Professional Projects

SourcifyChina’s stainless steel fabrication and metal sheet products meet the highest international standards, resulting in well-earned recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship and vast experience in architectural projects. TBK’s industry expertise enables distributors, contractors, and architects to unleash their design potential and find cutting-edge yet achievable solutions, enhancing their spaces with unparalleled inspiration and value-added results.

Stainless Steel Cladding for Lexus Showroom in Doha, Qatar

In the bustling and dynamic metropolis of Doha, Qatar, an extraordinary transformation has taken place at the Lexus Showroom. The incorporation of stunning exterior stainless steel cladding has not only elevated the aesthetics of the building, but has also provided immense functionality…


Custom Stainless Steel Balustrade for Sheikh Khalid Apartment Complex.

The Sheikh Khalid Apartment Complex in Doha, Qatar is a contemporary and sophisticated edifice, showcasing exquisite verandas and fashionable staircases adorned with bespoke stainless steel railings that enhance the exterior’s elegance and charm.


Sidra Medical & Research Centre - Professional Stainless Steel Metalwork

The Sidra Medical & Research Centre is an innovative medical facility situated in Doha, Qatar. It boasts a unique ceramic tile and glass cladding design, with dedicated entrances for easy access. Our commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive the highest quality care in a state-of-the-art facility.


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At Sourcify Metal, we’re proud to have developed great relationships with domestic and international enterprises and institutions that have helped us deliver optimal solutions for all of our diverse projects. These collaborations have helped us enrich our expertise in metal fabrication and engineering. We’re always looking to improve our capacity to deliver superior services and cutting-edge solutions, so we can satisfy our clients’ ever-changing needs by using the expertise we’ve gained through these partnerships.

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