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Professional Sourcify Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED lighting for buildings in China. We are committed to providing timely, high-quality lighting equipment within budget. Get a quick and convenient estimate for your project now!

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Professional Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Lighting Design

Sourcify Lighting provides an extensive range of products to fulfill all your requirements. Whether you’re searching for tailor-made lighting solutions or usual models, we’ve got you covered!

Indoor LED Lights

Stylish and stable custom indoor lights for high-end settings. Ideal for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, new homes, and more. Pick from an array of options, including recessed downlights, spotlights, track lights, and more.

LED Indoor Lighting

Luxurious indoor lights with a fashionable design and exceptional durability. Ideal for retail shops, eateries, lodgings, and modern residences. Browse through our selection including recessed downlights, spotlights, track lights, and more!

High-Quality Standards in Our Clean Plant

Sourcify Lighting is a Chinese LED lighting manufacturer with ISO 9001 approval. We provide a variety of LED lights to choose from. Our team of professionals research and produce new high-quality products. We’re happy to offer you outstanding products at competitive prices with great service.

Why Select Sourcify Lighting?

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Sourcify Lighting offers the flexibility to meet your varying ordering needs.

Expert Workmanship

Our extensive 12 years of experience in the field of lighting is a testament to our expertise. Each of our team members is exceptionally skilled and talented.


We ensure you get the best quality at the most reasonable price compared to other manufacturers.

Customizable Functionality

We can tailor the wattage, color temperatures, beam angles, sizes, and numerous other features to your needs.

Support Service

With a turnaround time of 7-15 days or less, we offer comprehensive online and on-site technical assistance and customer support.

Five-Year Guarantee

Each item is backed by an exceptional 5-year warranty.

Genuine Feedback from Legitimate Clients

We have delighted countless customers with our services, here are a few reviews they’ve graciously shared with us.

I recently renovated my home by installing high-quality LED lighting from Sourcify Lighting. After extensive research, I chose them because their products are superior and their customer service is excellent.

Tom Lee

Shop Owner

I recently upgraded my home lighting to LED with Sourcify Lighting. Their exceptional products and outstanding customer service led me to choose them after extensive research.

Harley Zhu

Factory Manager

I recently updated my home by installing LED lighting. After conducting extensive research, I selected Sourcify Lighting due to their exceptional products and excellent customer service.


SourcifyChina CEO

LED Lighting Education

Sourcify Lighting has completed projects across different industries such as homes, businesses, city infrastructure, transportation, and entertainment venues.

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